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During the Covid lockdowns, we took a step back from our business.  We did this to make sure that we can come back with all our staff members when travel was returning.  Now we are back, it is now Travel Time.

The Covid-19 pandemic is still an ongoing situation, and the travel industry has been hit very hard.  However, we have noticed now that we are learning to live with Covid-19, our travel plans have changed.  As we can not travel overseas right now, we are all looking for travel time throughout our own backyard.


Go Travel Centre compares hundreds of thousands of hotels worldwide and searches for the best discounts prices, so you have more to spend on your vacation.  Not only do we search for the best hotel deals, but we also compare over 700 airlines throughout the world to again find you the cheapest flights possible.

The confidence you have when booking with us is if you have any issues when making a booking with the hotel or airline, you can contact us and we will provide you with any support to make sure your vacation is stress-free.  Our service is free to you as we received a standard rate on bookings.  We do not accept any addition or bonus rates on any hotels or flights as our mission is to ‘lookout for our clients’ so you can ‘search, click and travel’.

Travel Time

Over the coming weeks, we are going to providing you with more information within our blog and providing you offers, information and ideas to assist with your travel plans.  We are about to announce some exciting new offers to assist with your next vacation, so stay tuned in the coming weeks.

Comment below if there is anything you wish us to write on and we will be happy to assist 🙂

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