Travel Insurance – Why you need it

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We protect our assets with insurance, so why not protect yourself when you are on travel?


What is Travel Insurance?

It is the financial security against any accidents that may happen on your travel.  It protects you from not only if you damage or lose your luggage, but medical coverage for when you are injured or sick.  When you are away on a domestic trip or overseas, having the peace of mind on your vacation can allow you to relax and enjoy.

Go Travel Centre has teamed up with Visitors Coverage

Visitors Coverage was established in 2006 and now millions of customers Worldwide.   They are dedicated to improving the way traveller explore, purchase and manager their insurance.  The process is simple, and they continue to educate customers to make the decision-making process easy.

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Are you protected if the worst happens on your Vacation?

The Simple Process

Get a quote, compare plans, buy your favourite policy and print it out.  It’s that simple!  Visitors Coverage will provide you with all the information to make an informed decision.  Visitors Coverage allows you to compare a wide array of products and plans, and you can do it 100% online.  You will be able to compare plans side by side, and within minutes, you will have your travel insurance needs covered.

International Health Insurance

In case of an emergency during a foreign trip, such as an accident, a lost wallet or passport, illness, trip interruption or even death, you might find yourself in a precarious situation and financial crisis without a comprehensive international health insurance policy. Having a travel insurance policy would offer you coverage for the health and travel expenses incurred during your overseas trip, including emergency evacuation, hospital bills, medical assistance, and flight accident.

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How to claim the Travel Insurance with TravelCoverage

Download the form on TravelCoverage website.  Provided with the download is a checklist of what you need to complete.  Complete the claim form along, including such items such as receipts, bills and itemised services, etc., and log your form.  The claim department will verify the information and make the payment to all eligible claims to the appropriate parties.  Time of claim depends on several factors, with the more information you provide, the greater the chance you claim is processed quicker.

We at Go Travel Centre is excited to be an Affiliate with TravelCoverage.   Click on the link to find out more 😊

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All writers’ opinions of GoTravelCentre.com are their own and do not constitute financial advice in any way whatsoever.   We are receiving payment by TravelCoverage, and no extra charges are required by the customer.

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