Australian Domestic Travel – May 2020

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Hooray… for the last few months of isolating and google searching ‘places I would prefer to be’, it is time to get on the road and take a trip domestically.  The Australian Domestic Travel restrictions are different in each state of Australia.

Each State are opening up at different rates, but here is a quick rundown of the latest:


  • From June 12, recreational travel up to 250km from home but only for a day trip.  500km for outback travel (sorry, locals-only).
  • Tourist accommodation could reopen
  • Visit a zoo, museum, art gallery or even a park
  • State borders could be closed until September

New South Wales

  • Travel restrictions removed from June 1


  • Travel restrictions removed from June 1


  • Overnight stays allowed from June 1
  • Social distancing must be maintained


  • Camping permitted from June 9
  • Accommodation from June 15
  • Can visit National Parks within 30km from your home

South Australia

  • Residents are free to travel around the State
  • Camping allowed, and reserves are allowed

Northern Territory

  • From June 5, residents can move freely within the NT
  • All limited on businesses removed from June 5

Western Australia

  • From May 29, residents can travel within the State, except with the Kimberley and East Pilbara.

The information is correct as at the time of publishing, but the situation is changing daily, keep in touch with your local authorities. Best place to start is Health Direct and keep updated.

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