7 Best Beaches in Australia

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If you did a survey asking to say one word which describes Australia, ‘beaches’ would be high on the list. Australian beaches range from the endless stretch of sands, blue-water estuaries and beautiful coves you can be on your own all day. When we speak to travellers, they want to visit Australia and spend time sunbaking on the beach while watching the waves roll onto the sands.

So we at Go Travel Centre decided we would go around Australia and see which beach we recommend you to visit.

With all our beaches we suggest, we have provided information from Surf Life Saving Australia. The information provided on their website provides information on beach safety and hazards.

Scarborough Beach – Perth

Scarborough Beach
Looking down on Scarborough Beach

Scarborough is only a 20-minute drive from Perth. Scarborough has a bit of everything.  From surfing, body boarding, swimming, kite and windsurfing, Scarborough has it all. With a regular swell, and when the afternoon seas breeze blows in, you can not go past making a day at the beach. Then after the sun sets, the nightlife comes alive with many cafes and restaurants to choose from or take advantage of the grassed areas by packing a picnic and use the public BBQs. Scarborough also has an open-air public pool.

Being exposed to swell, Scarborough has a few hazards you need to be aware of, so click here to find out more.

Glenelg Beach – Adelaide 

Glenelg Beach
Sunset on Glenelg Beach - Adelaide

Glenelg Beach is the jewel of the Adelaide Beaches and easily the most popular.  Glenelg is a trendy beach with a great vibe, cafés nearby, entertainment and sunsets which will have you coming back again.  The beach does not have a large amount of swell, which in summer, is excellent for families. Check here for more details on Glenelg Beach safety.

Moseley Square sits on the entrance to the beach, and the foreshore playground is excellent for the kids.  But our favourite - a tasty ice-cream or gelati while watching the sunset over the water.

Brighton Beach – Melbourne

Brighton Beach Melbourne
Brighton Beach & Melbourne Skyline

The famous colourful 82 bathing boxes stretch along the coastline of Brighton Beach.  The water is relatively calm, swimmer-friendly and popular during the summer months.  You can often see the windsurfers during windy conditions along this stretch of coastline.  Within walking distance, you can find a range of restaurants, fashion and gift shops along with a variety of cafes.  Walk to Green point gardens, and you can enjoy a view of the bathing boxes and Melbourne skyline.

Not a patrolled beach, so caution is needed when swimming here.

Bondi Beach – Sydney

Bondi Beach
Looking North towards Bondi Beach

You can not go past the iconic Bondi Beach, only 16 minutes from the heart of Sydney.  The famous beach is busy from dawn to dusk with joggers and walks cruising the beach, swimmers in Bondi Baths and the surfers carving up the waves.  Head to the Southern end to visit the Bondi Icebergs, one fo the oldest swimming clubs in Australia.  Have a feed at a quiet beer at the bar and bistro.

If swimming or the beach is not for you, enjoy the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk.  The 6km round trip walk takes you along the cliff tops, and it can take you anywhere between two hours to the whole day.  It all depends on how many café’s you stop at along the way (We took 6 hours, 3 coffee's and 2 swims. One at Bondi and one at Coogee).

Bondi is always busy, and you can enjoy some form of entertainment, or relax on the beach for the day and enjoy the atmosphere.  One of our favourites shows Bondi Rescue, featuring the lifeguards who patrol the beach during patrol hours.  Bondi is exposed to the Pacific swell, so caution must be followed when going into the water.  It is recommended you listen to the lifeguards and if you are not a strong swimmer, stay between the flags 🙂

Surfers Paradise – Gold Coast

Gold Coast is exposed to the Pacific Ocean, so swim between the flags.

The premier international tourist designation with the high-rises in the background and the surf rolling in on the sand.  The Gold Coast has everything from surfing, laying on the sand, plenty of entertainments with approx 20,000 visitors per day.  The boulevard overlooking the sand and surf is busy with walkers, cyclists and skateboarders taking in the atmosphere.   Surfers Paradise beach is next to a popular urban precinct and parklands that contains toilets, barbecues, tables, shade structures, playgrounds and showers.  It is a beach where you can book a hotel and walk down to the beach without catching any transport.

Safety is important and Surfers.  Make sure you monitor conditions and swimming between the flags when the beach is patrolled.

Pandanus Beach – Brisbane

Wynnum Wading Pool
The wading pool is very family-friendly

We picked this spot as it is excellent for families and it was different from the other beaches we liked.  Pandanus Beach is tucked behind the Wynnum Whale Waterpark and about 40 minutes from Brisbane.  The area not only has a gently sloping beach, but it also has tide pool in the same area.  The water park is great fun for the kids and offers all the amenities for a stress-free day for the parents.

The sandy-floored tidal pool ebbs and flows with free saltwater and has gates to prevent the water from flowing all out at low tide.   The depth varies while being surrounded by a ‘grandstand’, making it ideal for parents to watch their children.

Mindil Beach - Darwin

Mindil Beach
Mindil Beach is famous for the Mindil Markets.


Only 5 minutes from Darwin, Mindil Beach has to have some of the best sunsets looking over the water.  The Mindil Beach markets take place here every Thursday and Sunday through the dry season.  It is a must-do attraction when in Darwin, and the markets attract both tourists and locals.  Mindil is not used for swimming due to the threat of crocodiles, with better swimming at Casuarina, which is a patrolled beach.


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